It all started…


… a few months ago, when Anaelle and Jeremy first met ! We are back to Reunion Island, born and raised, after 15 years spent abroad studying, travelling, working (hard) and playing (hard) as well.

So we first met on a couch at a hotel terrace in Reunion… And a few months later, Leon was born ! No kidding … true story!

Pao comes from our dream and passion for technology and disruptive innovation.

What we do

  • Have you ever wondered why Chemin des Anglais is named as is?

  • Need a break this weekend? Leon gets the best deals for you

  • It’s 3PM and you’re looking for a place to have lunch with your family?

  • Exhausted after a hike? Leon will suggest the best SPA treatment your hotel offers !

  • Wanna have dinner in your hotel room? Ring Leon !

  • Not a big fan of the crowd ? Know the best moments for you to go to malls and optimize your time !

  • … and much more

For all those reasons we gave birth to

Leon, an A.I powered virtual assistant that will assist and guide you all through your day :)